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Pin Grading Guide

All of our enamel pins are filled and polished by hand. As such, slight flaws might occur during the production phase. We have personally checked through the pins to ensure that it is categorised accordingly to each grading quality as described below.

Standard Grade Pins

Our standard grade pins have no major defects. Tiny imperfections are only visible upon close inspection.

Example of imperfections on Standard Grade Pins:

- Small specks of dust, pores or stray glitter on enamel

- Light buff marks and/or scratches on metal plating or enamel

- Very minor underfilled, overfilled and/or uneven fill on enamel

- Slight misalignment of screen printing  

- Other imperfections that are only visible upon very very close-up inspection or looking at the pin under certain angle

Second Grade Pins - Grade B & C

Second grade pins have major noticeable defects and are sold at a discounted price.

Example of imperfections on Second Grade Pins:

- Noticeable marks and/or scratches on enamel

- Missing enamel fills on certain parts of pin

- Deep buff marks, scratches and/or oxidation on metal plating

- Very bad misalignment, missing screen printing

We reserve the rights to reject orders requesting for perfect pins.